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Prank House

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He went inside to ask the inhabitants for help, but there was no one home.
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All of the pastescape games(over 700!),uwaki games(over 200!), love games (over 100!), and other games - totaling over 2000 games - from IDAC are available for free for a limited time! Games for which the free service period has ended can be exchanged for points or continued via the pay service, allowing for further enjoyment.


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The Cage of Envy  NEW
I knew that what I was doing was wrong. I knew he was not meant to be mine.

The Misfortune Teller  NEW
The hero of this story was sent by his boss...

Led by a Cat
On the way back from work, I ran into a black cat that led me to a park.

Mystery Hotel
The room and the bath were clean, and it was pretty cheap…

An Odd Game  FREE!
"Sometimes angels take away someone they really like." It was an odd game like that.